James Cameron Explains How Terminator Genisys Deals With Aging Arnold

Even though Terminator creator James Cameron is not directly involved in the new film Terminator Genisys, he did give them some pretty plot-pivotal advice—specifically about how this new film could incorporate a 67-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger into the new Terminator franchise. And this explains a lot. Spoilers. » 10/20/14 9:18am Today 9:18am

Short Film Flesh Computer Is A Lot More Flesh Than It Is Computer

Directed by Ethan Shaftel, Flesh Computer is one part Videodrome and two parts fleshy computer bits. Not sure what to make of this particular picture, but it's weird. Very weird. It may not make a whole heap of sense, but we like the stuff that directly pertains to both the flesh and the computer. » 10/17/14 4:55pm Friday 4:55pm

Pixar Artist's Time-Imploding Book Series Timeless Will Be A Feature…

Now this is an odd, but grand, idea for both a movie and a book. Former Pixar artist Armand Baltazar is currently working on a book series where all the timelines have overlapped, and the world and all its population exist in present day. It's called Timeless and it's also going to be a movie. » 10/15/14 7:45am Wednesday 7:45am

Atomic Bomb Show Manhattan Renewed For A Second Season

Lots of folks fell in love with Manhattan, or at least enough to give WGN America the impetus to renew this series for a second season. Set in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Manhattan centers around the scientists behind the atomic bomb and the families they brought with them. And now it's been renewed for a second season.… » 10/14/14 12:36pm 10/14/14 12:36pm